F & I Training More than just teaching a sales script.

Contemporary statistics suggest that approx. 90% of motor vehicle purchases are financed. Information regarding finance options together with associated insurance options and obligations are of vital importance if customers are to be empowered to make informed decisions.

Our training is therefore based around 2 foundational necessities. First, all customers must be made aware of all the options available to them, and second, Business Managers in motor dealerships are authorised to provide General Advice. They are not authorised to actively sell products based on a customer's personal circumstances.

ASIC expects those who give General Advice to learn and deliver "an approved script" (refer RG. 146.22).

Our training is therefore geared to teach scripts for Business Managers to provide the information (General Advice) necessary for customers to make informed decisions. The training process ensures all the options available are explained and the customer's choice is recorded on an Options letter, to avoid the sale of "junk" products.

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